History coupled with modern design

Historic tenement

The Wawel Queen hotel combines history with modern design. Located in a refurbished tenament building on Straszewskiego Street, right next to Planty Park and Wawel, the hotel was designed with modernity and functionality in mind. However, out of respect to the hotel's location and historical imporatance, much of the original architecture has been preserved in the form of stuccowork.

Original design

Due to the historic nature of the building, we could not provide a canopy over the hotel's entrance. With attention to every detail of the beautiful historic facade, we aimed to preserve its original look. Accordingly, we provide a number of additional amenities, including coffee makers in Superior rooms. Details available at the front desk.

Delightful interiors

The refurbished, original wooden beams (which initially served a structural function) were used on the ground and first floors.

Historic architecture is also to be found in the vestibule and stairwell. Original decorative tiles, original adornment in the vestibule, as well as the wooden stairs and banisters have also been preserved.

A female perspective

The main aim in the design process was to differentiate each floor by giving every one its own colour scheme. The main visual theme is a portrait of a woman in many different renditions.

Stylish Interior

Unique portraits

Katarzyna Goralczyk painted a series of unique portraits specially for our establishment. the jewel of the crown being that of the Queen, a reference to both the location and the name of the hotel.

Lounge with reception

The common area of the hotel includes a lounge and reception in which the combination of lighting, contrasting colours, as well as large d, stylish couches and armchairs create a pleasant whole.

Club Room

Additionally, the intimate Club Hall, with its decorative library and Chesterfield furnishings, offers the perfect environment for your fuction / meeting needs.